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Felicity Newton

'When Grandma Comes To Visit' by Felicity Newton


This children's book was put together by Felicity Newton for her three grandchildren - Tarj, Ivie and Nylah.  It is a lovely story about the special bond between a Grandma and her Grandson.


Grandma is excited about travelling to the Central Coast to mind her Grandchildren during the school holidays. However, Grandma and Grandson Tarj have a little secret together that they can’t tell Tarj’s little sister Ivie yet. 

Ivie still has to go to pre-school, but Tarj is staying very quiet as he is having a special day out with Grandma. 

It’s a day of exploring, adventure, storytelling, funny moments and lots of laughs together. 

The story is captivated in the beautiful illustrations by Felicity’s niece, Kate Newton.