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The Teacher Collection

The Semester Set - 24 pack (Edition 1)


Teaching is hard. There’s no doubt about it and The Teacher Collection is here to make the challenging days just a little bit easier. The days that you’re doubting yourself and need someone to believe in you. Those are the days that you’ll flip over a card and be reminded that you’re awesome.

The Teacher Collection is a series of affirmation and quote cards for teachers to create a positive and nurturing workspace. The Teacher Collection helps teachers remain connected to their ‘why’ and support and encourage as they work through the ‘how’ of teaching. 

This set includes:
-24 Affirmation and Quote cards 
-A Calico storage bag
-Tasmanian Oak stand

Also available in The Teacher Collection range is Edition TWO, featuring 12 mindfulness strategies and 12 professional reflection questions on the reverse of the quote and affirmation cards, further supporting mental and emotional wellbeing. 

With 48 cards split over two editions, the quotes and affirmations reach many aspects of teaching and life within a classroom. All cards from both editions feature watercolour artwork of Australian native flora by Tess from Ruby TuesdayArt.



Dimensions: 110mm x 110mm

Stock: 350 gsm

Printed on 100% recycled paper


Tasmanian Oak Stand

120mm x 43mm x 20mm


Photography by Sophie Fisk Photography.