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Rochelle Sandilands

Pinafore - Red


Created with Sustainability in mind by Rochelle Toni Sustainable Fashion, here’s WHY you will LOVE them:

- Made with double stitched seams for strength.
- Metal buckles and buttons
- The Fabric is sourced from repurposed denim jeans
- We all know that denim is a hard wearing fabric, which means that when it has been looked after, you will be able to pass this garment down to siblings, cousins and friends.

*Due to the nature of recycling denim, denim colours may vary in appearance

*Please ensure that you check the size charts.

Size 4:

Chest - 60cm, Waist - 56cm, Hips - 62cm

Size 5:

Chest - 62cm, Waist - 57cm, Hips - 64cm

Size 6:

Chest - 64cm, Waist - 58cm, Hips - 66cm

Size 7:

Chest - 66cm, Waist - 59cm, Hips - 69cm

Size 8:

Chest - 68cm, Waist - 60cm, Hips - 72

Size 9:

Chest - 71cm, Waist - 62cm, Hips - 75cm

Size 10:

Chest - 74cm, Waist - 64cm, Hips - 78cm