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Soaping in the Shed

Natural Maxi Fire Lighters


Fire pits are a wonderful addition to the back yard. Everyone loves a fire. These handmade, pretty fire starters by Soaping in the Shed make starting your fire so easy, so safe. The fire starter is also suitable for indoor fire places and wood stoves.

Simply light the wick, and watch them burn robustly for 20 to 40 minutes. This gives the wood plenty of time to catch alight. No petroleum products are used.
These are not candles, please don’t leave with unattended children.

Do not burn in a gas stove or gas fire place.
They contain a combination of any of the following…
Unprocessed cotton, cotton seeds, gum nuts, pine nuts, bay leaves, eucalyptus leaves and bark, pine needles, bottlebrush seeds, coffee beans, dried flowers, fragrance, skin safe mica and palm wax.

Due to quarantine rules, these cannot be sent to WA, NT or TAS.