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Scrunchie Sister Shop

Mini Scrunchies


Handmade with love by three young sisters from Robinvale (VIC), their little business aptly named the “Scrunchie Sister Shop”.

They work together to create beautiful scrunchies. Great care goes into each individual scrunchie to ensure a quality finished product.

20cm of 6mm elastic is used for every scrunchie, suiting most hair types and can wrap comfortably around a pony tail twice.

Why do they love scrunchies?

  • Scrunchies don’t give you headaches, offering better maintenance of your hair as they relieve pressure.
  • Scrunchies don’t rip out your hair and are less likely to cause breakage as the fabric provides an extra layer of padding between the hair strand and the elastic.
  • Scrunchies are so versatile and suits many types of hair styles from pony tails, buns, plaits or braids.