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Wadd & Co.

Large Wooden Spoon #2


These wooden utensils are hand carved with love by Wadd & Co. Every piece is unique and no two will ever look the same. Different types of wood make them look even more unique. Thoughtful and delicate designs make the utensils extremely light in weight but very strong and durable. It is very important to take good care of wooden utensils. If cared for properly, they will last a life time.

Each spoon comes with an Aftercare Kit containing a small bottle of walnut oil, piece of 600 grit sand paper and care instructions.

This beautiful cooking and serving spoon is 33cm in length.

The hand carved wooden pieces by Wadd & Co. aren't mass produced so by purchasing this spoon you will own a REAL handcrafted art piece.

This spoon would complement any kitchen or make a fabulous gift for any occasion (if you can bring yourself to give it away.)