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All Things Me

Gratitude Journal

Apricot Peach

The All Things Me Gratitude Journal is a space to take time out each day to write down what you are grateful for. A space to focus on self love, kindness and the values that resonate with you most. A little book of love for you to take a few minutes a day to curl up in your favourite spot and fill out to remind you of all in life that is good. 

It's soft elegant design is aimed to give off a relaxing and calming vibe.

This journal can be used at any time of the day due to the specific planning of each question therefore you are not restricted to having to fill it out at certain times of the day.

Created with 240 beautiful pages to write on with 29 meaningful quotes spaced throughout.

  • Included

    • 1x Gratitude Journal
    • 1x Growing with Gratitude PDF (emailed to you after purchase)
    • 1x Luxe Velvet Pouch (Dark Tan colour)

Disclaimer: please note, upon purchase of this journal, you agree to have your email address passed along to All Things Me so the lovely Lauren can email you the free PDF.