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The Teacher Collection

Daily Affirmation Cards


This set of affirmation cards by The Teacher Collection is not just for the inspired teacher-they're for anyone looking for some inspiration, growth and support. They're for the people who have fought past challenges with persistence and dedication. Those of us who already know that we're not alone – with these cards simply serving as a gentle, daily reminder.  

Nurture a growth mindset through reflection and a focus on what's within our control. These cards aim to give value to your strengths and actions and give solace and inspiration when you're searching for it. 

Why use Affirmation Cards?

Each card has an 'I am...' affirmation on one side, with the reverse side unpacking that strength or value on a deeper, more personal level, allowing you to find connection and support. 

These cards acknowledge and validate your feelings. You're not the first to feel challenged or striving for purpose nor will you be the last. These cards help you feel connected and nurtured. 

 This Set Includes:


  • A6 size
  • 100% Australian made and owned
  • Locally printed by Print Together in Castlemaine, Victoria on post-consumer recycled paper
  • Australian flora artwork by Georgina Forbes of Lordy Dordie Art
  • Free shipping Australia wide


  • A6 size
  • 150g weight including stand

Photography by The Teacher Collection.