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Scrunchie Sister.Shop

❀ Introducing the inspiring sisters! ❀

What started out as a passion for wearing scrunchies, three young sisters Laila, Giorgia and Olivia aged 14, 12 and 8 took on the challenge of creating and running their own online business.   Making, marketing and selling scrunchies with each sister having their own role in the creation process.

The girls carefully select fabrics to suit a wide range of tastes and keeping an eye on current trending fabrics. Then they individually sew them into gorgeous scrunchies.

Scrunchie Sister Shop has turned out to be a fabulous opportunity for mum and dad to teach their children's young minds.

- Learning basic sewing skills to create the scrunchies.

- Learning about profit and loss and basic business management

- Putting tech to better use, marketing the scrunchies on Instagram.

- Packaging, posting and keeping track orders.

- Learning the true “value” of a dollar and the effort it takes to make money

- Giving to various charities when they can 

In 2019,  Scrunchie Sister Shop gave a portion of profits to the Royal Children's Hospital Good Friday Appeal, and this year donated to Fire Fight Australia and plan to donate again in future.


The girls work hard at their business and are very proud of they are able to create gorgeous, unique and affordable scrunchies.