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Huskia Creative


Meet the amazing Claudia.

Wagga Wagga, NSW

Hi my name is Claudia and I am the creator behind Huskia Creative! I live in Wagga Wagga - home of the iconic 5 o’clock wave and the 9th best beach in Australia (… somehow!). 

It all began on my kitchen bench during COVID-19 isolation back in March 2020. I began to play around with clay and it all blossomed from there! Next minute, I have taken over the whole dining room and the office… and maybe even the spare room, sorry Mum! The name Huskia comes from my name Claudia - I took the “IA” and merged it with my first husk wall hanging I made back in 2019 and created HUSK-IA!

In my at-home studio I create beautiful unique foliage wall hangings and hand-make clay creations such as rainbows, crosses, fridge magnets, bead strands, keyrings, cards, and more! Each item is made by hand, which means each item is a unique piece of art! 

Thank you for supporting my small business adventure!

C x