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Hope & Co


Meet the beautiful family behind Hope & Co.

Hamilton, VIC

Hope & Co. had its first beginnings as a ‘bricks and mortar’ homewares store and art gallery in Western Victoria in 2011.

In 2014, my husband and I decided on a lifestyle change and moved to Queensland.  During our hiatus to sunnier climes, I studied and fell in love with pottery, began honing my new craft and wrote a novel, C A N V A S. So time was not wasted…

But one thing led to another, and we moved home. Family and friends—our tribe and community—became more important at a certain junction in our lives than we’d anticipated and I missed Hope & Co.

After returning from nearly two months in the UK in 2019, I came home to re-launch Hope & Co. with a new perspective and fresh approach. We’d focus on our own artwork, hand-crafted small batch ceramics, prints, and a curated selection of homewares, which will flesh out the Hope & Co. style and story.

We planned to offer the Hope & Co. range primarily online and at selected market events, however with the purchase of a larger studio space in Hamilton- I’ve also realised its potential as an open studio with a shop space attached.

I have also been blessed with two very creative daughters, Georgie Morrison and Skye Morrison.

Georgie works right alongside me in making, marketing and communications—and is really my partner in so many ways. She brings to Hope & Co. a fresh, younger eye, and has truly showed a great talent for product photography. She’s now almost solely responsible for the beautiful images in our instagram feed and new product images online. We are building this business together. And Im so lucky!

Skye’s beautiful, detailed artwork is available with us, as she pursues a new career in horticulture. I’m hoping she continues to create alongside her full time work, but I’m so excited for her and her creativity will most certainly be extended through her love of plants. (I’m hoping this translates to some beautiful artworks inspired by nature!)

In October, we opened to wholesale enquiries and have been thrilled by the response. To serve a number of growing retailers, we will be making a number of changes in 2021 – streamlining our processes, making and shipping to cater for this. 

So while 2020 threw us all a huge curve ball, we are so excited for the future. ‘The Great Pause’ of the Pandemic allowed us to turn inward, focus, dedicate and create in a way we never have been able to before. 

From that, the Hope & Co. has begun growing into something really special, that we’re really proud of. 

So much to look forward to.

Sarah of Hope & Co.