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Felicity Newton

⋒ Meet Super-Grandma Felicity! ⋒

My name is Felicity Newton!
I live in Dubbo NSW with my wonderful & very supportive husband, Chris.
I work full time as a School Admin Officer at a local school & we
have 3 beautiful grandchildren that live on the Central Coast in NSW.
My book came about after a car trip back to Dubbo with my granddaughter for a quick holiday. I put it together exactly how it happened with a funny, singalong, story telling journey back to my home town through the eyes of my 5 year old granddaughter Ivie.
The story is captivated in the beautiful illustrations by Jailyn Webb, a year 12 student at the school where I work.
I have my second book nearly written for my 7 year old grandson Tarj, as I can’t just write 1 book, I have to write 3!