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Bush Blend Candle Co.


❀ Meet adventurous Jen! ❀

It was a chilly winter’s evening around a campfire near Daylesford, Victoria. A group of mates were huddled together in the middle of the bush, sharing stories and singing songs. Infectious laughter and good humour drowned the silence of the still night.
As the night went on, the campfire softly flickered and crackled in the background. The founder wished the evening could be bottled long after the final log burned out. Like a match to a flame, this sparked the idea and Bush Blend Candle Co. was born.
Meet Jen!
An outdoor enthusiast and lover of the environment! Jen grew up on a farming property just outside of Daylesford, Victoria. In between her farming duties, she completed two university degrees in law and journalism. But like many Aussies, she grew an adventurous spirit.
After starting up Bush Blend Candle Co. in late 2015, Jen packed her Tinny candle (aka the “Travelling Tinny”) and set off on a three month trip abroad. Jen planned to learn as much as she could about other cultures and instill some of the learnings back into her candle making. She also hoped to learn more about her own country in the process. With her backpack hitched on her shoulders, she kissed her mum goodbye (there were tears!) and went out into the world.
First Berlin, then Scandinavia and then finally the Travelling Tinny was unpacked in Galway, Ireland. Galway quickly became her second home and will always have a place in her heart. Whilst in Galway, Jen traced the footsteps of her Irish ancestors, James and Julia, and learnt more about their lives before immigrating to Australia.
Later, Jen ventured over to Gallipoli. For her, it was a pilgrimage to pay tribute to our ANZAC’s. She stood on the shores of Suvla Bay and sat in the eroded trenches on the ANZAC frontline. Experiencing the heat, the flies and the closeness of enemy lines gave her an even deeper respect for those who fought and those who laid down their lives all those years ago.
Two years, 15 countries and 20,000 photos later, Jen returned home to Australia (I guess you could say her three month trip escalated!).
After travelling from country to country, Jen is now 100% sure of three things:
1. Us Aussies love to travel everywhere, no matter how far-flung or obscure. You’ll find us behind the bar in Ireland, clogging up museums in Israel and chatting to other travellers in Iceland. We are everywhere!
2. When we find each other, we stick together (like glue).
3. Our planet is a beautiful big place, however it’s the only one we’ve got right now! Living more sustainably and creating an environment which doesn’t need protecting is in everyone’s control.
So pour yourself a cuppa, put your feet up and enjoy the magic of our sustainable, Australian-made, wooden wick candles.