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Amy Naef Art

✩ Meet the amazing Amy Naef! ✩
Amy is a mother and creative currently living in Gilgandra, Central west NSW.
Her work is inspired by connection, heart and country. Her style is "naive and wonky" and endearing. Her creative services is branded by her new business name, Inky Pony.
She creates custom art works (Commissions), Originals, Prints and Children's books with an emphasis on locally sourcing within Australia for all work reproduction. 
"One Day Closer to Rain" was inspired by a conversation between my farmer's wife friend and an Uber driver as we travelled through Sydney, and the driver's questions, as well as Amy's children asking questions about drought, water restrictions and that old "climate change" chestnut.
It has been wholly written, illustrated, published by Amy, and printed and bound in Australia. The illustrations are loaded with images that complement  the simple message delivered rhythmically. It explains what a drought is, what its affects are on people and the environment, and how we can adapt.
Amy describes her work as Art from the Heart, as she very much believes in the healing power of expression through creativity.
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