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All Things Me


Meet the lovely Lauren.

I'm Lauren and I am the founder of All things me.

A girl who grew up in Adelaide and is now living in the Far West of New South Wales on a remote sheep station with my beautiful partner on his family's property. 

A lover of nature and an adventurer with a creative soul who has a huge passion for photography. I try to live a mindful life by staying present in the moment and indulging in the beauty that this world has to offer. 

All Things Me came about after spending a lot of time working on my internal world and really diving in to practicing gratitude. Along my gratitude journey I used different journals yet none seemed to suit what worked best for me. After seeing what gratitude journaling has done for me, how it has improved my happiness, changed my mindset and the way it has changed the way I live, I wanted to create a journal that could help you do the same. A journal with meaningful prompts, ones that focus on going inwards to express what's truly going on inside and a way to focus on what is most important.